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Monday, August 29, 2011

OneNote is Ah-mah-zing!

Aha!  The days of creating the dreaded trial notebook-three-ring-binder-tabbed-out-too-many-documents-and-crap-to-deal-with is officially behind me!

There's a trial on Sept. 19th and there's a mess of financial statements and checks and other garbage to go along with it.  Me, being brilliant (not only self proclaimed, but third-party proclaimed as well), started a notebook in OneNote, and it is going to be perfect for bankruptcy court.  Not only does the court only use electronic evidence anyway, now the attorney will have all of the electric evidence, notes, research, charts, spreadsheets, financial statements, and other junk on the computer screen.

OneNote allows you to create, basically, a giant three ring binder.  You create the notebook, you create tabs in the notebook, you create tabs on the tabs of the notebook, and then you can create outer tab "groups".  You can print anything to OneNote, including .pdf, websites, word documents, etc.  Spreadsheets fit nicely onto the pages, and best of all, you can insert little notes to yourself or others anywhere on any page.  Word up, this is awesome!

Now, I may be behind on technological advances, my office has had OneNote since January, and I just last week figured out how to use it.  However, now rather than spending my Wisconsin vacation bulking up for the paralegal-ish duty of hauling boxes and boxes and boxes of paper copies into the courthouse, I will be enjoying me some adult beverages and the hotel's hot tub.  This is my way of avoiding the dreaded burnout.

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